English Gibberish

“English Gibberish” is a conversation held in pictures. A simple sketchbook passed back and forward between two people: (Dylan) Jackson and (Laura) Coats. As the conversation began to emerge, as did a new persona Jack Coosants. 

The conversation began like a game of Chinese Whispers. As it progressed it was decided to give it a more appropriate name of English Gibberish.

Brooklyn Art Library’s “Sketchbook Project” began in Georgia in 2006. It is an annual open call for artists to collaborate on the project from all over the globe. The idea is to fill a sketch book from cover to cover to be included in their giant art library. Currently, the library has a global community of over 70,000 artists and features 41,405 artist sketchbooks.

Sketchbook Project 2018 is currently on tour.  Recently a small selection of the library has been University of South Caroline Upstate campus. “English Gibberish” by Jack Coosants was on board.

To see the full book of artwork you can view the entry on the Brooklyn Art Library’s website 

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