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Here are some see answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear at Busy Monkey Studios.

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What kind of artwork do you make at Busy Monkey Studios?
The drawing boards at Busy Monkey Studios offers infinite creative possibilities. You name it, we can make it! We work with both commercial and private clients.
Commercially we do a lot of work for businesses that want illustrations to help their company stand out. Naturally, people are drawn to good looking art work, so what better than to combine beautifully created illustrations with advertising? The most memorable adverts are those that have an aesthetic impact – so companies often choose Busy Monkey Studios to make illustrations for them to help boost their business.
Private clients often come to us to represent the things that matter to them most – eg. loved ones, cherished pets, memorable places.  Past commissions include portraits of individuals, families, pets, celebrities, babies and wild animals. We also have made artwork of many different landscapes and buildings, cityscapes, seascapes, objects and monuments.
Why should I commission an artwork from Busy Monkey Studios?
There are many reasons to commission an artwork, the number one being uniqueness. Affordable, personal and accessible art is not something you might be able to obtain in an art gallery but that doesn’t mean you can’t own something that is priceless. Most often, a commission is made to be given as a gift and in our opinion at Busy Monkey Studios there is no gift more priceless than giving someone something that absolutely no one else, anywhere on this planet could possibly own.
Busy Monkey Studios offers a style that is delightfully versatile. Our artworks make great gifts and excellent marketing tools and are loved by both our private and commercial clients.
How do I make an order for a customised art card or a personal art work?
Get in touch!
All you need to do is click here to have a look at our Illustration or Fine Art pages.
Alternatively you can use the simple form on the contact page; or email us a brief outline of the possible work you’d like to discuss to
Once we have a better idea of what you are looking for we will either phone or email you to discuss your commission further.
Can I commission you to make me some illustrations for a commercial website or a project?

Yes! We accept brief submissions in any format here at Busy Monkey Studios. Whether you have an in-depth brief or a simple doodle, please email it on over to us at; alternatively you can fill in our brief form here on this page. For further information about artwork we can make for you, styles we work with and to see past work we have done please see our portfolio page.

I’d like to privately commission an artist from Busy Monkey Studios to make a painting pr drawing but I can’t decide what style I like and how much I’d like to spend. Can you give me advice before I make a commission?

Yes, absolutely. We work in a varity of different mediums and styles and have a range of price options to create the perfect picture for you. Of course, different sizes and mediums incurr different costs but budget should not detract from the quality of the artwork. Whether we make you a 4 foot high oil on canvas painting or an A5 drawing the craftsmanship and skill level used to create it remains the same. If you have reference photos, we strongly recommend consulting with us prior to deciding what media to commission a piece in.

Do I have to pay up front for commissioned work?

Yes, usually full payment is taken upfront for commissioned art but in certain circumstances it may depend on the size of work you are commissioning and the media used. Any illustrations, drawings or paintings under A4 size are payable upfront before the work commences. Anything above standard A4 size may require an initial deposit and the remainder to be paid in a final invoice.#

For full details please click here to see our terms and conditions.

What happens if I don’t like a piece of work I have commissioned?

We are happy to declare that this has never happened to us here at Busy Monkey Studios. All our customers have been very satisfied with the outcomes of commissioned work to date. However, we understand that there may be a day when we might not get something right and we have in place a plan for if that ever occurs. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.



Website & Graphic Design

How can I commission you to design me some graphics for a website or a project?

Please see this page for all queries regarding design/illustration work for clients.



Products & Shop

Why are some cards more expensive than others?
Some of our cards are original artworks. We create the artwork and have copies produced to make printed versions. The original is then offered for sale as well but as it is an original piece of art it comes at a slightly higher price.
Do you offer postage outside of the UK?

Yes, at a set fee of £5 for items costing £4.99 or less or £10 for items costing over £5.

What is the handmade element of the printed cards?

The cards themselves are blank but we put them together with handcut nice art papers and a picture and package them all ourselves

Do you sell in highstreet shops?

Not currently, our products are unique to Busy Monkey Studios website, online platforms and market stalls.




Who are the artists at Busy Monkey Studios?

Currently our main artist is our business founder Laura A Coats. For more info on our artists click here.

I am an artist, how can I join Busy Monkey Studios?
We are currently looking for more artists and illustrators to join our ever growing business.
In particular we are looking for fresh talent amongst emerging illustrators and artists to join our enterprise. If you are a recent graduate or have a portfolio of 5+ examples of your work; click here for more information and to see what kind of artists we are looking to recruit.

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